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for those who deserve the Lion's share


Be one among the Pride with ZERO subscription fee

DG Pride is an exclusive subscription plan that gives you the opportunity to enjoy every purchase with a minimum 10% discounts on all products and much more.

With no membership fee, this is not just a subscription plan, but a special invitation for the deserving few.

While others purchase at regular prices, you are offered with deep discounts. Because you don’t belong to the herd, but to the pride…. of Lions.


Avail PRIORITY shipping and be surprised every time

Sometimes its annoying to keep waiting for your parcel to arrive.

But for DG Pride members, this time is cut short and your parcel arrives in a swisshhh!!!

Just place your orders and be ready to be pleasantly surprised when the door bell rings. 


Stay in the Pride for as little as it could be

Make a minimum of one order in 40 days and stick on to the Pride and relax. No minimum order value, no collecting coins and points or whatsoever.

We believe in paying back our customers on the spot and not in making them collect “chillar”, waiting for an eternity to redeem it back.

Missed the 40 days streak? Not an issue at all. Just make a purchase on regular price and there you are in the Pride again. So simple as it sounds.

So what are you waiting for..? Just jump in and..